Top Ten Gift Ideas for Bicycle Riders

Bicycling is a sport and hobby enjoyed by young and old in almost any season. Finding the perfect giftfor someone who loves to bike isn’t as hard as you might think. From riding gloves to car racks, you can find the perfect gift that fits the biker on your list. (if you are interested with dirt bikes instead, you can check everything about small dirt bikes by click)


1) The Bell Vela Fusion Sport Women’s Helmet costs $31.95. It has a new design for 2006 and weighs only 9 ounces. Features include a lightweight fusion in-mold micro shell, snap-in visor, cam-lock levers, color matched fit system buttons and is CPSC certified. This helmet is made to fit any adult woman, from 50 to 57 centimeters in head size.

2) The Giro Flak Bike Helmet is priced at $29.95. This Giro is billed as a “straight-up skate-style helmet.” Features include a high-impact ABS shell, 13 air vents and it weighs 14.5 ounces. Sizes are Small (51-55cm), Medium (55-59cm), and Large (59-63cm).

3) Optic Nerve Blister Sunglasses are a good buy at $39.95. These sunglasses have high impact polycarbonate lenses that give 100% UV A/B/C protection and de-centered lens technology that is supposed to provide optical clarity for safer skating. It comes with a lifetime warranty and you can pick from Fade Powder Blue or Shiny Black colors.

4) The MShades Cloak Polarized Sunglasses priced at $26.95 are another good buy. The polarized lens filters out 99.9% of the reflected glare to help reduce accidents and offers 100% UV A/B/C protection. These sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty.

5) The Blackburn Quadrant / Mars 3.0 Combo Lights cost $32.99. Lights are one of the best safety features you can install on your bicycle. The Quadrant light in front and bright Mars 3.0 in back give you ample lighting. The Quad has four LEDs including a wide angle side light. They can run for 110 hours in steady mode and 300 hours in flash mode. The Mars have seven LEDs and can run for 50 hours in steady mode and 150 hours in flash. The lights are water resistant in case you get caught out in the rain and batteries are included.

6) For traveling, the Allen Basic 2 Bicycle Carrier 102A is a great bike rack for only $39.99. It is made to fit Sedans, Hatchbacks, Minivans and SUV’s. With twelve long carry arms it can transport up to 2 bikes. It comes fully assembled and sets up on your vehicle and installs in seconds. Allen trunk racks are made of chip resistant zinc plated steel that helps to prevent rust and gives a longer life to the rack.

7) A subscription to Bicycling magazine is another unique gift idea. Published monthly, you get eleven issues for a subscription price of $19.94. The magazine includes articles on training, bike trails, and product reviews.

8) Ride BMX is another bike magazine that won’t disappoint you. It is the largest BMX magazine in the world. BMX is published monthly and a twelve issue subscription of this magazine runs $19.99. Again, this contains articles on places to ride, new products, and a how to guide on learning to perform new tricks.

9) The Spenco Ironman TOUR Cycling Glove runs $22.50. They come in blue and black, have hook and loop closures made from thermal melded PVC for wrist adjustment. The terry cloth thumb aids in sweat absorption, the palm is perforated synthetic leather, elastic cuff, there is extra stitching to prevent unraveling, and palm padding of 6mm thick foam rubber with a 3-pad system for shock absorption and palm protection in case of accidents. These gloves also offer a unique patented channel between pads over the median nerve helps reduce hand numbness. They are machine washable and line dry and come with a 1 year guarantee.

10) Louis Garneau Women’s W-Rex Gloves are an ideal for $19.95. They are designed to fit a woman’s smaller hand and will return to their original shape after using them. Features of these gloves include shock absorption palms, ventilated inner palms to reduce sweating, memory foam construction with 3 layers of padding, terry thumbs for moisture absorption, and adjustable Velcro closures to fit almost any wrist size.

Pick any of these products for the cyclist on your list and he or she will be certain to get a lot of enjoyment from them. Peddle out and make a biker happy.

Basic SEO Techniques that Increase Traffic


Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques and methods to help improve a websites overall search engine ranking. Although many “experts” have lead you to believe it’s difficult and requires a specialized team of people working on it 24/7, you can actually do much of the basic SEO work in-house and on your own time.

Most SEO companies or individuals selling the services will aim to confuse you with cloak and mirror tactics often having you agree to sign into contracts for very basic work anyone with a few hours (or after reading this article) can accomplish. If you’re the DIY type that doesn’t mind playing around with HTML files or plugins, this article is for you.

The following articles will teach you the basic SEO techniques to gain you more traffic:

Step 1: Keyword optimization

Before you touch a single line of code, you must understand how search engines factor your website and content. Despite an immense amount of various factors the fundamental technique to create a search engine friendly website is through the proper selection of keywords.

There are two types of keywords:

– Short

– Long-tail

Although many other websites have already claimed short keywords (such as Dog Training), you still have the benefit of going for the long-tail. Long-tail keywords are longer keywords and phrases that focus into a topic (such as Dog training for golden retrievers).

As the above explanation tells, you should do a considerable amount of research into the keywords that are related to your website’s niche – the topic of the website. Using Google Free Keyword Tool, plug in keywords related to your niche and copy down all those that apply or ones you’d like to rank for; you’ll be using these keywords throughout the rest of the steps.

Step 2: Title tag and meta description optimization

The second most basic (and important) step in increasing your traffic through SEO is the title and meta tag. The title and meta tag are what display within search engines when you type in a specific keyword. By crafting a keyword optimized title and a description which peaks a searchers interest, you’ll be able to reach higher search rankings and increase your click through rate.

With your keywords in hand, you will want to craft each page of your website with a unique title related to the content on the page.

For example, here is an example of an SEO friendly title:

– Dog training tips for golden retrievers |

As you can see, the keywords and topic are placed directly in the beginning of the tag – this allows search engines to pick up on the keyword immediately.

Following suit, your description should also include your content’s keyword and a great description to interest readers into clicking your link and reading through the content.

Step 3: SEO-friendly content

After you’ve crafted your page titles and descriptions, you’ll want to move onto creating search engine optimized content. Content is what moves the web; it’s the reason why people visit your website. In short, the more content you have on the web, the more likely you’re going to be found which equals more traffic.

To begin, go through your keyword list (as noted above) and begin crafting SEO-friendly article ideas that are highly targeted to your keyword. You will need to test a few different titles but it’s usually what you’ve already created with your title and description tags.

When creating content, write naturally because at the end of the day it’s humans that read your content. With that being said, you should still use your keywords throughout the content to help improve your overall ranking and thus, traffic.

Bonus tip – Be sure to interlink your content using keyword rich links; this passes off SEO juice between pages and will increase your overall rankings for the entire website.

Step 4: Building backlinks

Now that your content and website is optimized for search engine optimization, you’ll want to begin building backlinks.

Backlinks are little ‘thumbs up’ from other websites to tell communities that your content is worthwhile and it’s recommended. Search engines use backlinks as an indicator for popularity and authority; in point: the more backlinks you have pointing to your website and content, the higher your rankings and traffic will be.


Begin building backlinks naturally through a variety of methods like blog commenting, article marketing, videos, social media and other platforms where you can link back to your website. However, this is a boring task and need a long time maintain, so hiring a company do this for you is reasonable, just pay for it. If you easily find some nice Gold Coast seo services by search Google or local directories.

Step 5: Building traffic

Finally, to increase your traffic (after you’ve created a search engine optimized website), start participating in social networking and media. Although it’s not directly related to SEO, people that you network with will begin to see the value in your content and will help promote, link back and boost your SEO efforts because they enjoy your content.


As you can see, starting this article was a little cynical toward SEO “experts” and now you know that you can build your own high traffic website with basic SEO techniques. Go through each of these steps one at a time, pick the right keywords and be sure to optimize every portion of your website – start building links – soon your website will be high ranking and spread across the web; traffic will pour in as you add additional content and improve your networking – good luck!

How to Effectively Increase Your Sales Using These Tips


There are many tips for successful selling that you can locate while searching the net but any salesperson will tell you that to be effective at the game of sales requires knowledge of the product or service, the ability to promote what you are selling, know how to recognize and sell the biggest benefit of the product or service, give your customers specifics on what you are selling, and most importantly of all to evoke emotions because everyone whether they admit it or not buys emotionally.

If you want to effectively increase your sales you must promote only one product or service at a time. If you give your prospects too many choices they will simply choose to say no. It is also important not to require your prospect to make any other decision that is not, a buying one. To maximize the number of sales you will generate you must give your prospects the ability to only make a yes or no buying decision when visiting your sales page or reading your sales letter.

If you want to effectively increase your sales you must know your product or service’s biggest benefit. Once you know what this benefit is you must promote it so that your prospects can understand the benefit and desire that benefit. This benefit must be in all of your headlines for your ads, and in the first sentence of your sales letters if you really want to increase your sales. This benefit must grab the attention of your prospect and compel them to continue to read about your product or service.

In order to effectively increase your sales you must provide specifics about your product or service. Specifics must be in the form of adjectives such as easy, powerful, quality, or inexpensive. The customer will then be able to know how easy the product will be to use, or how powerful a cleaner he will be using, or the quality of the shoe, or how inexpensive and affordable it is to take that desired vacation. Specifics sell like nothing else because it is the specifics that allow the customer to see him or herself using the product or service.

Effectively increase your sales by understanding that most customers do not buy on logic but on impulse spurred on my emotion. If you can get your prospect excited about using your service or product you will increase sales. All of your ads, sales letters and other promotional material must dramatize the emotional benefits and rewards that the prospect will receive when using the service or product. Paint pictures for the customer so that it will be easy for the customer to visualize him/herself using and benefiting from your product or service.

Never forget to build a website of your products or official site to build your brand, it will give customers more trust and generate sales along the time if you/your team manage it well and follow a good online marketing plan. One of the tricks you can use except some traffic tools is your on-site design, you can try Social Pop, it will automately imply customers some products will be sold out soon and what other buyers purchased at this time, this script can highly boost your sales, you can also get some Social Pop Bonus on their official site.

You will effectively increase your sales using these tips as soon as you start using them.

Shaving and Saving – What Can You Do


Back when our grandparents were shaving they used scary looking knife like razors to shave called a straight razor. They did not get there shaving cream from a can some did not even use their hands to apply their lather. Instead they used a shaving brush but over time we adapted and the next big thing for shaving was the safety razor a double sided blade put into a solid piece of well crafted metal. To our generation there intimidating, not popular, and quite painful to use but if used with the right technique and touch both these products can provide a man or women with a close irritation free shave. If you are growing your bread and need a trimmer instead of a razor, you may check this 2016 best beard trimmer review.

How do they provide an irritation free shave you ask well consider this the razor you probably have in your cabinet probably contains 2, 3, 4 or even more blades. When you place that razor on your face you have those 2, 3, 4 etc. amount of blades scraping the hair from your face or legs. But then you look closer and you did not get all the hair so you make another 2 or 3 passes plus the pressure you have to put down on your skin especially if you have sensitive skin your skin will be ripped to shreds. You do not notice how bad you just tore apart your skin until the next day when your neck is broken out in red blotches and white heads or when you put on your after shave and you are in pain. Now with the safety razor/Straight razor there is only one stationary sharp blade. With that single blade and the weight from the razor itself you no longer have to put pressure and try to remove everything on your face in one swipe. Instead you shave your face in one direction such as from north to south on your first pass. Then shave from west to east/east to west or (ear to ear) on your second pass and on your third and final pass from south to north. Yes that’s right you can shave in any direction and not get any more irritation then you would if you shaved with the grain.

But be aware you must respect these razors because if you do not they will slice you up but with the right amount of practice you can do as I did with a safety razor and get it down to an art in a week. A week’s worth of tiny nicks was worth the numerous close smooth irritation free shaves I experienced after. How do you save money from shaving like this lets do the math. Today’s cartridge razor handle itself costs and average $10 but when you need to replace your blades is when you need to dish out the cash. A pack of 4or5 cartridges cost $20 or more. So you are paying about $5 per blade those blades will last you about a week each so after a month if you are lucky you have to spend another $20. So in one year you could be spending up to $240 on razor blades and refills.

Compared to the numbers of the razor and blades I just purchased online that is astronomical. A straight razor not the manly one that is like a sword but the kind that barbers are using around the world use that have replaceable blades. This type of straight razor eliminates the constant care and maintenance a classic straight razor requires. Anyhow I bought one for $8.45 so since no blades came with it I went and purchased 100 of the replacement blades for $3.93 that is less than what it cost for one multi-blade cartridge. So for $12.38 I am set on my razor blades for a couple months shop around you could probably get them cheaper than what I got them for good luck folks shave happy!

Will Buying an Electric Car Save You Money?

While gas prices have dropped in the United States, the average per gallon still sits at $3.29. Many are calling for alternative sources of energy. It has been said this is more sustainable and better for our environment, but will it save you any cash? Electric cars have become more popular in the past few years. They run on a renewable electric charge and offer extreme efficiency when compared to gas powered cars.

Taking a Look

Assuming the average American drives 13,500 miles per year, we can see whether or not this is a viable money saving option. Looking at two standard electric cars and two standard gas cars we see:

  • · Mitsubishi I-$27,990, 126 MPG hwy equivalent, 96 mile range, 107 equivalent gallons/year
  • · Nissan Leaf-$33,600, 106 MPG hwy equivalent, 102 mile range, 127 equivalent gallons/year
  • · Toyota Corolla S-$18,600, 34 MPG hwy, 397 gallons/year
  • · Honda Accord Sedan-$22,980, 32 MPG hwy, 422 gallons/year

This data presents an interesting set of numbers. The government is currently offering a $7,500 rebate for purchasing either of these two electric cars, which would significantly drive the price down. The Mitsubishi will have a yearly cost right around $350 and the Leaf right around $415, while the Corolla and the Accord will be $1300 and $1390, respectively.

ev vs gas

Which is Better for You?

This question can only be answered by personal preference. How far do you travel at a time? How much does your environmental impact matter to you? Can you really trust electric cars? From a financial standpoint it is hard to argue which car will be cheaper in the long run. And do not forget you still need to have a garage along your house, thats a must whether you choose gas or electric cars. If you need garage door repair Thornton local service to give your garage house a refresh look to welcome your new electric car, just follow the link there. Assuming the cars run with similar maintenance and repairs, it would only take a few years for the electric cars to be a better financial decision based on the numbers presented earlier. With the rebate and roughly $1000 in yearly energy savings the difference in base price would be made up quite quickly. The problem with making this decision solely based on the finances is the number of other variables included. Electric cars run on expensive batteries that haven’t proven completely trustworthy and they have only a short range they can travel on one charge. You have to also take into account that they are better for the environment. After weighing all of these advantages and disadvantages, you should be able to make an informed decision on your next automobile purchase.

Make the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener #WD822KD Top Priority

The Chamberlain Garage Door Opener #WD822KD has become very popular amongst people who own garages that present problems involving their opening systems. When a person finds that their garage door opener is broken, works too slowly or is just too noisy then it is time to get a replacement. The average opener needs repair or replacement because it is mechanical and most things mechanical need maintenance. Traditional motors can be very noisy and the remote control units often wear out before their time. It is no wonder that we need to replace our garage door openers with a better unit like the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener# WD822KD. You can purchase your garage door a new opener here.


You will find that the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener # WD822KD is very easy to install. When you are buying a new home and find that the garage door opener is either very noisy or just plain does not work. You need not worry because it does not take much to remove the old unit with the noisy traditional motor and replace it with the new unit. The new garage door opener by Chamberlain Garage Openers known as the #WD822KD features such things as:

  • Motor that is ½ hp and runs very quietly
  • The system is made with a steel rail
  • You are provided with two remotes to open the door and turn on the lights.
  • Since it operates on a belt drive it is much quieter than chain or screw systems that others use.
  • You are giving a lifetime warranty on both the motor and the belt drive system

All these things are what make the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener #WD822KD shine above all the rest of the garage door opener systems. The unit is quiet based on the belt drive system and not on the noisy traditional motors. It is easy to install without complications. The system comes with two remote control units and overall it looks beautiful. This is what makes anyone who needs a new garage door opener want to buy the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener #WD822KD.

When you wake up early in the morning you can be very proud to know that as your wife leaves the garage no one can hear your garage door open and close with that loud clunky sound or the scraping noise that the older garage door openers have when you open up your garage. The project should only take you and a good buddy approximately three hours to accomplish leaving you with great pride in your new Chamberlain Garage Door Opener #WD822KD unit and the knowledge that you did it all yourself.

Garage Door Maintenance

The roller tracks on your garage door system are very important. Sometimes they can become rusty, dirty, or even misaligned. If any of those things happen it can cause your garage door to not work properly or even cease working all together. You should perform periodic maintenance on the roller tracks at your home to ensure that your garage door system will work great for years. Anyway, if your garage door use an advance opener, it may worn out to broken via years usage, you could replace a new opener when necessary. Back to the maintenance tips.


Take a look at everything
If you look at the rollers and you can see that they are physically damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible. If your rollers are made out of metal and they have exposed roller bearings, you can use a old toothbrush to remove any dirt and debris that have accumulated. Once they are clean you should use a spray-on lubricant. WD-40 can be used and it will also remove any rust that may have developed. If you have sealed rollers then you don’t have to worry about applying any lubrication. However, you should still be sure to remove all the debris and dirt from them.

Check for loose nuts and bolts
Check all of the nuts and bolts for your garage door roller tracks and make sure none of them are coming loose. If you find one or two that have come loose, make sure you re-tighten them. Be sure not to over tighten them because you run the risk of stripping the bolts and then they will need to be replaced.

Clean the tracks
Chances are the inside of the tracks have probably gathered a lot of dirt and dust. You can use a wet washcloth to clean the inside of the track. I have found that using a disc brake cleaner spray on the tracks makes the dirt and grime come right off without much effort. Once you are done cleaning the tracks you should lubricate them with a silicone based spray. Applying the lubrication to the tracks will allow the rollers to spin freely and smoothly.

Check the track alignment
You can use a basic level to make sure your tracks are still level. They should have a slight downward slant toward the garage door opening. You should also make sure that the tracks are the same distance from the ceiling. If they are not the same distance, you will have to loosen the bolts that hold the tracks in place and then slightly tap them with a hammer to get them to the same level. Keeping the tracks level will make sure that your garage door opens evenly and easily.

If you perform these easy maintenance tips about every 6 months, you will find that your garage door system will last you years. If you’re having serious problems with your garage door such as it not opening or falling off the tracks you should consider contacting a trained professional.